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Why Did A Tooth Fall Out Of My Denture ?

                          Why Did A Tooth Fall Out Of My Denture ?
                                         By: The Denture Pro
                                          Copyrighted 2010

     Denture Teeth “fall” out of a denture for a very specific reason and that reason is
because the denture was improperly processed. While there are a number of way's to convert the "wax" denture base over to the plastic one, all procedures must insure that the denture teeth are free of wax residue when the plastic is placed in the mold that will form the final plastic denture base. I will only discuss one of the methods here, but remember no matter the technique, the denture teeth MUST be free of all wax.
     One of the processing procedures in creating a denture is the point at which the “Wax”
denture is boiled out of the plaster mold. The Wax denture is placed into a three piece
metal box in two stages. The first stage is the placement of the Wax denture into the bottom half of the metal box. It is placed in a manner that holds the wax denture with the teeth exposed. Once the plaster sets it is coated with a special thin layer of material that prevents the next layer of plaster from sticking to it.
    The second stage is to put the top half of the metal box in place and fill it with plaster
covering the wax denture and the teeth and finally placing a lid on the box. The plaster is
allowed to set up for at least 30 minutes. The box is then placed in boiling water for about 3
minutes which is the calculated time required to soften the wax.The box is then removed
from the water and it is taken a part, the bottom is separated from the top. The bottom half
holds the model of the mouth and the top contains the teeth. The boiled out wax left the
mold of the denture base.
    During the boil out procedure the boiling water is poured over the inside of the model
along with wax removing chemicals. Once the two halves are deemed to be free of wax the
half of the box containing the denture teeth is painted with what is called a “separator”.
This coating is designed to keep the denture base “plastic” from sticking to the plaster
mold.......NOW, if the separator chemical is allowed to coat the denture teeth and the
denture base material is placed in the mold, that is a processing error.
    The separator chemical left on the teeth creates a thin layer between the teeth and the
denture base and the chemical layer will slowly dissolve when subjected to fluids like water
and saliva. When the separator is finally gone there is nothing left between the tooth and
the denture base except space. Had the separator been properly removed before processing the denture base plastic would have made a chemical bond to the tooth. Properly bonded denture teeth may brake off but will not come out of the denture base.
    If a denture tooth comes out of the denture base, you are entitled to a free repair by who
ever sold you the denture. The only denture teeth that does not chemically bond to the base
is “Porcelain” teeth....the front teeth have nail head post to hold them in and the back teeth
have specially designed retention holes for the base plastic to wedge into. Plastic teeth bond and become one with the base when properly processed.
    If you have comments or questions you can post them on this site or contact the The Denture Pro. at : thedenturepro@aol.com

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