Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Denture Stains

"What Is That Black Stain At The
Neck of My Denture Teeth"
By:F.Spiva jr. CDT MDT CD
The Denture Pro.
Copyrighted 2010
All stains you see on dentures or denture teeth originate as some form of organic matter. They may be from food or they my be from a liquid you drank. In some cases they may be a combination of both. And of course they may simply be from poor hygiene practice. Not properly cleaning a denture on a daily basis.
When you see that dark black looking stain around the neck of a denture tooth where the tooth and the denture base material meet, it's not just a stain, most likely it's food matter that is rotting.
When a denture is produced, part of the procedure requires that any wax that was used to hole the teeth in place during the creative procedures must be totally and completely removed when the plastic denture material is placed in the mold to create the denture base and hold the denture teeth in place in the finished denture.
If the wax is not completely removed the denture base material cannot bond with the denture teeth. If that happens the wax will eventually wash away due to eating and drinking hot foods and liquids. Once the wax is gone there remains a very small space between the denture teeth and the denture base. This space can then be filled with food debris and trapped between the tooth and the plastic. Brushing will not be bale to remove it and few if any denture soaking cleaners can or will reach it.
After a period of time the trapped food will will begin to rot and turn black. Plaque will also get into the space and create a hard surface over the rotting food. In some cases the only product I know of that will dissolve the plaque and rotted food is "Liquid Dawn Dish Cleaner"...That product has a very strong ability to dissolve organic matter and that's why it not only cleans your dishes but can clean the stains from around the denture teeth...It may take several soakings over a period of time, but if used regularly, my experience with a number of patients is that it works great...Many kept using it as their regular denture cleaning system.
The only other way to remove the stain is to allow a Dental Technician to use a very small grinding drill and cut the plastic away that created the space around the teeth. As a rule that plastic will need to be replaced through a repair procedure that allows the repair plastic to bond to the denture teeth eliminating any space between the teeth and the plastic.....
Now, the space that trapped the food debris was created by a faulty denture processing procedure and the person you purchased the denture from should bare all the expenses for having the stains removed and the denture repaired to prevent further staining around the teeth...A final note: Stains can be anywhere on a denture and the plaque can get very thick "if" the denture wearer fails to provide a daily cleaning of their denture morning and evening.
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