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"E.D.S." Emotional Denture Stress

                           (EDS) EMOTIONAL DENTURE STRESS
                        By: The Denture Pro.
                                                   F.Spiva Jr. CDT MDT CD    

                                                      Revised Copyright
 The number of denture wearers who suffer from (EDS), Emotional Denture Stress
is far greater than those in the dental profession realize. Even today many dental
professionals do not recognize (EDS) or know what to do about it when they do figure out
that something emotional is affecting the patient. The following information applies to those
who have all their natural teeth as well.
 (EDS) is usually exhibited by one or more of several different symptoms.  The most
common symptoms are red rash gum tissue, sore spots, loss of gum bone, fatty gum tissue, loose dentures. Not every symptom is the results of a patient suffering (EDS), but almost every patient who is suffering from (EDS) will have most all of the symptoms.
 (EDS), Emotional Denture Stress is created by problems related to one of the
following areas. Health, Marriage, Employment, Money, Sex and Self Esteem. Let me give
you some examples of (EDS) in some of those areas.

 It may be that the patient has a very close loved one who has a terminal illness and
because of that they stay very emotionally affected...A health problem doesn’t have to be
one that affects the patient personally.
 It could be that the patient really dislikes where they work or someone they work
with and when it’s time to go to work they begin to get up tight emotionally. It could be
that a patient is dealing with the fact that they or someone close to them is in sever financial striates and any number of situations could exist that is sexual in nature. Then of coarse you have the patient who has great concern as to their own feelings of being a worthwhile person....that could be due to abuse from a spouse, family member or friends. In any event dealing with one or more of the above mentioned situations can cause a great deal of problems for a denture wearer.
 This is how it works.....lets look at it as though it were a large clock on the wall.
Let’s say that you get up in the morning and what ever it is that causes your stress to start
up begins. We call that 12:00 on the stress clock. Between 12:00 and 3:00 on the stress clock (which could be hours or even days) the stress you feel causes you to clinch your teeth together, over and over and over. Between 3:00 and 6:00 on the stress clock the pressure from clinching or grinding presses the denture into the gum tissue and that pressure forces the fluid in the gum tissues to be squeezed out and into the floor of the mouth. Between 6:00 and 9:00 the pressing of the denture into the gums had forced the tissue fluids out and the gums shrink making the denture loose. The lack of tissue fluids allows the tissue to be forced against the hard denture on one side and the hard bone on the other. This constant pressure causes sore spots and eventually bone shrinkage..
 NOW....when the shrinkage, sore spots and looseness gets to be to much the patient
shows up for treatment of those conditions at the dental professionals office. Between 9:00
and 12:00  on the Stress Clock the dental professional trys a number of treatment plans to
restore the patients dentures to painless well functioning dental appliances......HOWEVER,
if the true cause of the (EDS) is not discovered and dealt with, the Stress Clock will begin
ticking again and all the same old problems will return or stay as is.....What’s more, there
is “no” dental treatment plan or service that can over come the affects of “Emotional
Denture Stress”.
 It’s very sad to have a patient that can’t be helped due to the fact hat they suffer
from (EDS) and either doesn’t know it or doesn’t have the courage to deal with it. I’ve seen
a number of patients who found out about their (EDS) through getting their first dentures
and through realizing it existed took steps to correct the issues, in some cases it took
professional counseling. Then there were those who through conversations on a private
basis realized they needed professional help but didn’t have the courage to seek it out,
usually those were abuse or drug related situations.
 The bottom line is that any dental professional worth his or her salt should be able
to recognize they are dealing with a person suffering from (EDS) and after realizing what is
going on should be very straight forward with the patient and explain what their options
are.....and the bottom most line is that unresolved “EDS” Emotional Denture Stress creates
denture problems that “NO” dental professional can overcome by adjusting, grinding,
relining or even replacing the can’t cure a disease by covering up the
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